foudre, bouteille

The Cellar

Our wines are produced and bottled at "Le Château des Vergers", and regularly receive awards for their excellence from peers in the field.
Cru Régnié Competition, appellation Régnié Controlée:
1996 : 2nd prize category vintage 1995
1995 : 1997 : 1st prize overall cellar
2000 : 3rd prize overall cellar
2001 : 5th prize overall cellar et 5th prize overall cellar vintage 2000
2002 : 6th prize overall cellar vintage 2001
2005 : 2nd prize category 2005 vintage

Georges Yemeniz and Blanche de Romefort • Owner / Winemaker
Château des Vergers • 69430 Régnié-Durette
Excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous to your health; please enjoy with moderation.