Chateau des Vergers, Eglise de Régnie-Durette, Basilique de Fourvière, Pierre Bossan


In the 19th century, the silk industry was extremely prosperous in nearby Lyon. Many silk industrialists were attracted by the vineyards and landscapes of the Beaujolais region, and built beautiful mansions and châteaux in the area.

Joseph Boutard, who was married to Blanche Yemeniz, inherited the Château des Vergers (Photo1) and its vineyards. Later, his nephew Guy Yemeniz became the owner of the Château. Today, his daughter, Blanche de Romefort, lives there.

The Château des Vergers was built in the 1870s. Nestled gracefully in the landscape of the Cru Régnié vineyards, its architectural style and the materials used to build the Château (slate and limestone) are reminiscent of the double-spired church of Régnié-Durette (Photo 2), the symbol of the Régnie Cru which was built by Pierre Bossan, the architect of the Fourvière Basilica in Lyon. (Photo 3).

Georges Yemeniz and Blanche de Romefort • Owner / Winemaker
Château des Vergers • 69430 Régnié-Durette
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